29 Things I Have Learned in 29 Years

In honor of the last full day of being in my 20s.

  1. Don’t tamper with the recipe that makes you the person you are today.
  2. Exercise is important and running is hard. 
  3. Hope and the pursuit for happiness will be what help you through your darkest days. Only you can make your situation better.
  4. Your journey is yours, comparing it to the path of others will only lead you the wrong way.
  5. Spaghetti-Os are a great source of protein.
  6. Amazing memories very rarely come from following the rules. 
  7. Don’t get caught. Don’t get arrested and if you do, let it be by an apartment security officer catching you drinking an old Fuzzy Navel…underage. 
  8. Go to the dentist regularly. Seriously. Dental insurance is awful. 
  9. Ask for help when you need it. No matter how hard it is.
  10. Let people in. Be honest to yourself first. Love hard. 
  11. Your parents are much cooler then you thought they were when you were sixteen. Cherish their advice, most likely they will be right. 
  12. Surprisingly, when you get older your siblings will become one of your closet friends. 
  13. Everything is a learning opportunity. The hardest obstacles are oftentimes the best lessons.
  14. You will never look as cool dancing as you did when you were 18.
  15. The more you follow the news, the more you will be let down, afraid for, and pissed off by humanity.
  16. Knowledge is power. Follow the news to help humanity. 
  17. A quiet moment can be found in the pages of a book.
  18. Be kind to animals. Always. 
  19. It’s always okay to have a cupcake.
  20. Respect yourself to get the respect of others.
  21. There will be people out there who vehemently disagree with choices you have made in life. That is okay. You are still a good person and people love you. 
  22. You will never feel ugly wearing red lipstick. Ever.
  23. Passive aggressiveness gets you nowhere.
  24. Take time to write for yourself. Your words make you unique. 
  25. Stress is debilitating. Stop stressing so much.
  26. You aren’t letting anyone down. You are doing your best. Keep doing that. 
  27. Those who change your life will come unexpectedly.  
  28. Don’t hate the wrinkles on your face. They line your face because you have laughed, cried, and are experiencing life how it should be experienced. But…don’t forget to moisturize.
  29. You will always be that little girl with the big glasses and the big smile. Be good to her.
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